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Graphic Touchscreen Keypad

7800 keypadsTouch screen keypads have been around for several years, however most of them were not very user friendly.  Our new Touchscreen Keypad is impressive, thin, elegant, and most important, easy to use.

I love the home, sleep and away arming options.  This makes it really easy for customers to learn how to arm the system and what each arming option is used for. They also resemble what’s on the smartphone app which makes it easy to go from one to the other without any confusion.
My favorite feature is in the Z-Wave control screens. I can see the status and control all of my lights, locks and thermostats right from the keypad. In the “favorites” screen you can activate “scenes” in your home. With one touch you can control several different Z-Wave devices. I have a favorite for “Movies” that dims the lights and sets the thermostat to 68 as well as locks all the doors.
With the cost of energy increasing, it’s important to stay on top of my heating and cooling systems. DMP makes it easy to control Z-Wave compatible thermostats right from the touchscreen keypad, iPhone or Android app. The system can be easily programmed to adjust the thermostat when you arm the system in the “Away” mode and when you return home.
Our graphic touchscreen truly integrates home security with home automation and energy management. It is simple. It is elegant. It is easy to use. I can’t wait to see what comes out with next and the features we will offer our customers.