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Security Systems for the Self Storage Industry from Midwest Security & Fire

DigiGuard Wireless Door Sensor Replacement Battery

Midwest Security & Fire installs and services security and access systems for the Self Storage industry throughout Minnesota. One of the system manufacturers we have worked with is Digitech. Digitech has and continues to go through many changes in the products and organization if the business. 

 Several years back Digitech came out with a new product featuring wireless door alarms for the units doors in a self storage facility. This system was designed to install or retrofit an existing facility to have individual door alarms for each storage unit and sound an alarm should a unit be broken into when occupied by a tenant. The company that manufactured the wireless transmitters and accessories for that product went out of business and therefore Digitech was no longer able to support the product. This was a pretty bad deal for the facility owners who purchased the products for their facilities some of which had 500 or more door alarms.

 Midwest Security & Fire provides service and maintenance for one of these facilities using the Digitech DigiGuard wireless door transmitters sensors and in an effort to provide support for the facility has been able to source spare parts and accessories until recently. The company that was providing the replacement battery assembly pack no longer makes that part. After many exhaustive hours of searching and research Midwest was able to locate the parts necessary to build a replacement battery assembly pack for the existing transmitters. This has allowed us to continue supporting the existing door alarm system for many more years and save the facility owner a costly total system replacement.

If you are looking for the Digitech DigiGuard replacement battery assembly pack contact us at 218-825-8844 or for more information. We will provide a quotation for your quantity desired.