Security Tip of The Week- Email security

This morning I recieved an email from a customer explaining that they were on vacation with  family in England. She explained that her purse was stolen and all her money, credit cards, and passport. She continued to ask if we could help her by sending money. The email looked very authentic and had the actual email address.

This email was a scam. Someone hacked the email account and is now sending a scam to  the contacts in the computer. The computer used has probably been given a virus that will continue to create problems. I did not respond to the email and deleted it immediately. If I had responded, I could have been hacked or given a virus.

I called the customer and guess what, she was not in England, she was sitting at her desk in Brainerd Minnesota. I was right. Imagine that.

If you recieve email from anyone asking for money, credit card, wire information, paypal, Western Union, etc… dont open the email and delete it immediately. Your real freinds or relatives are not going to send you an email from England pleading for help-  they will call. Once you give these scammers your information, the money is gone and your problems have just begun. If you suspect your computer or email account has been compromised, call your IT person immediately and stop using the PC. Continued use will only make the problem worse. If your email account has been compromised, change  passwords and contact your IT person, Administrator, or Internet Srevice Provider.  If this is a work PC, report all issues to your employer so that they can protect other PC’s in the workplace.

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