Security and Home Automation

I’m sure many have seen the recent news about Google’s acquisition of Nest.  The recent announcement of Google’s $3.2Billion acquisition of Nest essentially moves Google in to the home automation space. Midwest Security and Fire. Com wanted to provide our perspective on the news.
First, Its a great validation of what we do as a security dealer providing home automation along with our security sy…stems. We believe that we are best suited to deliver these products and services and help our customers on a personal level understand what is available.
Second, the thermostat is a very important part of the home especially in our homes here in Minnesota. Nest claims to have their $249.00 thermostats installed in over 1 million homes. While we as an independent local security dealer do not serve anywhere near that many customers, we can provide a superior service at a lower price point with a better installation experience. We have been providing thermostat controls and home automation to our customers for over 25 years.
Third, trust is important to consumers when it comes to the provider of home automation services. One of the clear emerging themes in the Google acquisition of Nest is that customers are wary of Google having insight into their homes. Some people are even pledging to return their Nest thermostat now that Google is buying the company.
Based on our experience, our customers are weary of connected services providers and their personal data being used and sold in an ad supported model to get cheaper products or services. As an independent local owned security company we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted contractors in your home or business. Our customers are looking for professionals to  provide their security and home automation services and they know they can trust us to protect them.

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