Free Home Security System!

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You know the saying “If It Sounds To Good To Be True, It Probably Is” or “Nothing in Life Is For Free”? Well they are both  true, and there is no such thing as a free security system either. No one is going to give you a Free Security System like the advertisments lead you to believe.

I am looking through my mail today and on the back page of an advertising package full of coupons and advertising is an offer from one of the national security companies for a FREE Home Security System! NO COST to you for parts and activation with ONLY a $99..00 Customer  Installation Charge  and the purchase of alarm monitoring services subject to terms and conditions below.

Here is what you get from the National Security Companies or Mass Market Merchandisers- Front and Back Doors, Infared Motion sensor, Digital Keypad, Siren, Lawn Sign and Decals. In the fine print it states that you agree to a 36 month monitoring agreement at $35.99 per month by credit card or electronically from your savings or checking account. You will pay $1,295.00 plus the $99.00 installation charge for a total of $1,394.00. You own the system? Remember, you agreed to purchase monitoring services and pay an installation charge, you are not purchasing a security system? Who has only  two doors in thier house? Where are theses guys from and what happens when we need some service? Are they reputable companies, what kind of work do they do, what is the warranty, are they licensed, do they have insurance?  These are all great questions. We do not reccomend anyone buy a system from a national or mass merchandising security company. The risk is to high to gamble when you are dealing with the security of your family, home or business.

Our family has been installing security systems throughout Minnesota for over 33 years. We are a trusted name in Security and provide Products from Leading Manufacturers in the industry. We support the communities we serve. Our prices are very affordable and we state our terms in bold print. Check out our specials  or Featured Products at Give us a call at 218-825-8844 and find out how we can help your home or business with security you can trust.