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YardsignThe depressing fact is, it’s not that hard to get into most homes.

Every 15 seconds, a burglar breaks into a home in the United States, steals an average $1,725 worth of property and robs the people who live there of peace of mind for years.

Installing an alarm system is easy and provides peace of mind. If something does happen, help will be on the way. Prominently displaying a yard sign with the alarm company’s name on it outside the house provides additional benefits. When people keep it hidden so as not to disturb landscape aesthetics, would-be thieves don’t know the home is any less desirable than the house next door, and the alarm is only an after-the-fact security measure.


The lesson, alarms are most effective when they’re most obvious.


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Graphic Touchscreen Keypad

7800 keypadsTouch screen keypads have been around for several years, however most of them were not very user friendly.  Our new Touchscreen Keypad is impressive, thin, elegant, and most important, easy to use.

I love the home, sleep and away arming options.  This makes it really easy for customers to learn how to arm the system and what each arming option is used for. They also resemble what’s on the smartphone app which makes it easy to go from one to the other without any confusion.
My favorite feature is in the Z-Wave control screens. I can see the status and control all of my lights, locks and thermostats right from the keypad. In the “favorites” screen you can activate “scenes” in your home. With one touch you can control several different Z-Wave devices. I have a favorite for “Movies” that dims the lights and sets the thermostat to 68 as well as locks all the doors.
With the cost of energy increasing, it’s important to stay on top of my heating and cooling systems. DMP makes it easy to control Z-Wave compatible thermostats right from the touchscreen keypad, iPhone or Android app. The system can be easily programmed to adjust the thermostat when you arm the system in the “Away” mode and when you return home.
Our graphic touchscreen truly integrates home security with home automation and energy management. It is simple. It is elegant. It is easy to use. I can’t wait to see what comes out with next and the features we will offer our customers.

Selling your home?

Sold Home For Sale Sign in front of Beautiful New Home.If you are selling or planning on selling your home you should consider installing a home security system. A home with a security system gives prospective buyers peace of mind and makes them feel safe in the home or neighborhood. Home security systems from Midwest Security and Fire .Com are reasonably priced and the perceived value far exceeds the cost making it a great return on investment. Give us a call today to schedule a no obligation site review and estimate at 218-825-8844 or check out our Virtual Quote at

Virtual Quote- now available

Now available from Midwest Security and Fire .Com- Virtual Quotevirtual quoter

Home and business owners now have the option of obtaining a detailed estimate for a security system from Midwest Security and Fire .Com by completing a short form, answering a few simple questions and attaching photos of the property. Once received, the experts at Midwest Security and Fire prepare a detailed estimate along with the most popular options allowing you to create your own custom system. The estimate will include an electronic brochure and a short video demonstrating the system operation and several exclusive features.  Harry Brodmarkle with Midwest Security and Fire stated, “Our customers love the fact they can get a detailed and accurate proposal without having to take time out of their busy schedule”.


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Security and Home Automation

I’m sure many have seen the recent news about Google’s acquisition of Nest.  The recent announcement of Google’s $3.2Billion acquisition of Nest essentially moves Google in to the home automation space. Midwest Security and Fire. Com wanted to provide our perspective on the news.
First, Its a great validation of what we do as a security dealer providing home automation along with our security sy…stems. We believe that we are best suited to deliver these products and services and help our customers on a personal level understand what is available.
Second, the thermostat is a very important part of the home especially in our homes here in Minnesota. Nest claims to have their $249.00 thermostats installed in over 1 million homes. While we as an independent local security dealer do not serve anywhere near that many customers, we can provide a superior service at a lower price point with a better installation experience. We have been providing thermostat controls and home automation to our customers for over 25 years.
Third, trust is important to consumers when it comes to the provider of home automation services. One of the clear emerging themes in the Google acquisition of Nest is that customers are wary of Google having insight into their homes. Some people are even pledging to return their Nest thermostat now that Google is buying the company.
Based on our experience, our customers are weary of connected services providers and their personal data being used and sold in an ad supported model to get cheaper products or services. As an independent local owned security company we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted contractors in your home or business. Our customers are looking for professionals to  provide their security and home automation services and they know they can trust us to protect them.

About us

Security & Fire Partners, Inc. and Midwest Security and Fire . Com is a local owned security and fire contractor. We help home and business owners  with custom security and fire systems. We specialize in security systems, fire alarms, access control, and surveillance systems. Our customers tell us that it is our products, our people, and our customer service that set us apart from our competition. We are located in Central Minnesota and serve The Brainerd Lakes Area, Crosslake, Wadena, Park Rapids, Walker, Little Falls, St. Cloud, and Minneapolis and St. Paul. We support the communities we serve.

Security systems and much more…..

My AccessThe security systems we are installing for our customers are amazing. Our customers love the security and peace of mind they provide and are always amazed when we are able to offer new features to make their life easier too. With our systems we allow our customers to control lighting, locks, and thermostats. You may control and monitor your home or business anywhere you are by using our Virtual Keypad application or by a simple text message. Unlock the door, turn on a light, and turn up the thermostat just by texting a simple command- that’s crazy? I have been in the security and fire business  for over 21 years now and I never imagined it would be like this. The systems and features we offer our customers are really great and offer security, peace of mind, comfort, and convenience.  If you have not seen a recent demonstration on our systems and the features available locally only from  give us a call today at 218-825-8844.





About us

Security & Fire Partners, Inc. and Midwest Security and Fire . Com is a local owned security and fire contractor. We help home and business owners  with custom security and fire systems. We specialize in security systems, fire alarms, access control, and surveillance systems. Our customers tell us that it is our products, our people, and our customer service that set us apart from our competition. We are located in Central Minnesota and serve The Brainerd Lakes Area, Crosslake, Wadena, Park Rapids, Walker, Little Falls, St. Cloud, and Minneapolis and St. Paul. We support the communities we serve.


ID Capture Camera for Surveillance Systems

ID cam picIf you have a business that is susceptible to liability due to a customers age or use of a fraudulent ID, we have a new product that may help.

For bars, restaurants that serve alcohol, and stores that sell tobacco products, checking identification is commonplace. Sometimes its tough to determine if the identification is really the person in front of you.

There may also be an event where evidence is needed that an employee actually checked the identification of a person. With an ID capture camera you can record an image of the ID used by the person during the check or transaction.

This evidence can be enhanced by installing an additional camera in the area of the exchange between your employee and the person presenting the identification.

We offer several models of the ID Capture Camera and a full line of Surveillance Systems for home or business solutions.

Security Systems

Wouldn’t it be great if you could arm your home security system, turn up the heat, unlock a door for a delivery, or turn a light on in your home right from your cellular phone. With a security system from you can. Our systems allow you to arm, disarm, check the status, lock  doors, control thermostats and lights, view cameras, receive a text when your child gets home from school. , and much more right over your cellular phone.

These options and features are reasonably priced and our customers love the ease of use. They feel safe and much more connected when they have control and access to the system. That’s peace of mind. Give us a call today for a demonstration and a free security review.

Trident Seafoods Project Completion

Trident Seafoods Security & Surveillance Project

After almost a year of  design, planning, layout and months of installation, testing and staff training, we are proud to announce that the Trident Seafoods Security Project has been completed.


Security and food safety in the food industry is fast becoming a very important issue globally. Locally, Trident Seafoods located in Motley MN is a food processor and manufacture in the seafood industry. With several leading product they are easily considered one of the top processors in the country.


Midwest Security & Fire, recently completed the Access Control System and Surveillance throughout the interior and exterior of the facility. This system allows Trident to monitor and control access to the facility and insure the integrity and safety of the facility as well as the safety of the ingredients and final product.


The Keri Access system was installed using the NXT- Mercury product and software. The surveillance system was installed using Midwest’s Pro-line of DVR recorders and Advanced features dome cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the facility. The access and surveillance system may be accessed in the Security Room, selected workstations or wireless device


About Midwest

Midwest Security and Fire, Inc. is located in Brainerd, MN and serves the entire Central and Northern Minnesota region, including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Serving Residential and Commercial owners for over thirty years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured Technology Systems Contractor, with history in the Security Industry back to 1978. We offer a complete line of Security Products covering everything from traditional burglar and fire control devices, to Surveillance Systems, Access Control, telecom, home theater, and wireless. We are your home and business Security System experts. Find out more at 

Ridgewood Apartments- Grand Forks, ND

Surveillance installations

We completed a custom surveillance system for a customer in Grand Forks, ND earlier this week. The owners of the Apartment complex have been customers at their home on Gull Lake for several years. In a recent conversation while servicing the security system at their home on Gull Lake they mentioned the trouble they have experienced finding a qualified installer to make the surveillance system work properly. The system had been poorly installed and the equipment was low quality.

 Our trained installers removed the existing system, cleaned up the wiring, mounting hardware and installed new quality surveillance equipment. The new 16 camera color DVR has a high capacity memory and is able to be viewed on any computer or smart phone.


All of the indoor cameras were replaced and new Advanced dome Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras were installed. This allows for better viewing of the parking and entry areas by allowing the cameras to scan and run tours of the areas. The images of the surveillance system are excellent.


The installation was completed in two days under the estimate and budget. The customers are amazed with the features and quality. Our installers also replaced the security system in the maintenance shop with a new DMP XT30 controls featuring a cellular communicator. This allowed the owners to get rid of that phone line and save an additional $750.00 per year on operating costs.